Free financial education for every teenager.

Between January and July 2019, we’re providing 100+ schools with free online finance classes.

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 What our students say…


“In school we mainly learn about things for our GCSE rather than life skills, so I was very pleased to learn about finance so I can learn for the future.”

Looe Community Academy

“It's useful information that is not on the typical school curriculum.”

Wheatley Park School

“[The videos] were extremely stimulating and gave exactly the right amount of information; the visual images also made the economics come more to life.”

Headington School


24% of young Brits are in chronic debt.
Let’s change this.


Just 40% of UK schools teach personal finance despite it being on the national curriculum. We give teachers a hand so that they can devote their time to core subjects.

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Reaching 200,000 teenagers by 2021

Our course consists of three 30-minute modules that can be seamlessly and flexibly integrated into the classroom with no extra effort from teachers.


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