We founded Nebula Learning in 2018 because we felt that young people in the UK were not adequately prepared for the challenges they would face during life after school.

The secondary PSHE curriculum should plug these gaps. However, PSHE teachers are required to have broad domain expertise despite relatively few classroom hours and little to no budget in most schools. 

In particular, we were surprised to learn that although 24% of 18-35 year-olds in the UK living in chronic debt, personal finance was not on the PSHE curriculum.

We launched our personal finance course in January 2019 to 100 pilot schools. In January 2020, we partnered with the ICAEW, the UK's leading professional accountancy body, as part of their commitment to boosting financial education across the UK. Over 300 schools have signed up to our personal finance course to date.

Personal finance is just the start of what we want to help schools deliver. In September 2020, we launched our mental wellbeing course to support schools with delivering the new statutory curriculum.

Meet the team

Bethany Staff

Beth is our co-founder and CEO. She studied economics & Spanish at the University of Leeds and is a Finance Manager at Tessian, a leading UK tech startup. She is also an ACA chartered accountant.

Prema Doraisamy

Prema co-founded Nebula Learning and is our Design Lead. She previously studied sociology at the University of Warwick and now works on Nebula Learning full-time alongside her freelance design work.