Guide and FAQs


Interested in running our course?

Below are a few things that teachers need to think about before running the course:

  • Do you want to run the course in PSHE classes or form groups?

  • Will it be run as a group on a whiteboard or will pupils do it individually in computer rooms?

  • What year groups will complete the course (it’s suitable for 14-18 year-olds)?

  • Roughly how many students will use the course?  

  • When between January and July 2019 might you deliver the course?

Once you have this information, please fill out this form and I’ll get in touch with further details and next steps. For further guidance in this please refer to the FAQs section below.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email me at and I’ll be happy to help.

How do I enrol my school in the course?

The enrolment process for our 2018/19 pilot programme is very easy, once you have an idea for how you would like to use the course, simply:

  1. Fill out this very quick form.

  2. We will then contact you around a month before you plan to deliver the course to provide you with more detailed instructions.

  3. We will provide each school with a code which will give teachers and students the ability to sign up for free (simply plug in your email code and create a password).

  4. Use the course and let us know what you think.

How do I give feedback?

To ensure students and teachers receive the best possible resources we need your feedback. It will be collected via quick feedback forms at the start and end of the course. This will help us to monitor learning outcomes and student and teacher satisfaction.

We use this feedback to make changes and improvements to the course before releasing an updated version every September for free for you to embed into your PSHE curriculum each academic year.

Which year groups can use this course?

The course is aimed at 14-18 year olds. Therefore, we recommend that it is used by Year 9/10 onwards.

How much time does it take?

The course consists of three 30-minute “modules” with each module further subdivided into bite-sized videos. Our recommended approach is to cover the course over three PSHE classes, along with relevant debate and discussion. Alternatively, it can be delivered in 10-minute chunks during tutor sessions, for example.

What class should this be delivered in?

PSHE classes: Our recommended approach is to deliver the course in PSHE classes, either in a computer room with students individually logging on to the course or with the course projected on a whiteboard/smartboard.

Tutor sessions: This is a popular delivery method for sixth forms, colleges and schools who do not have available PSHE class time. The course is designed so that it can be delivered in punchy, 10-minute increments. Schools are doing this by projecting the videos at the front of the class and completing the quizzes as a group.

My school doesn’t have class time for PSHE. Does that mean we cannot use it?

No, not at all. Plenty of schools that we are working with are running the course during form groups. Our course is split

What IT do we need?

This depends on your planned delivery method. If you plan on delivering the course on a in a classroom, then you will just need computer access for a teacher with internet access and a projector/smartboard with speakers for sound. If you want pupils to do the course individually, then you will need to book out a computer room.

Do our teachers need training/ be subject matter experts to deliver this?

No, teachers do not need any training to deliver the course!

It’s a 'plug-and-play' solution composed of videos and quizzes, so it is very easy to deliver. The role of the teacher is merely to find the time to run the course during the week, whether in form groups or PSHE classes, and also provoking debate and discussion around the topics we discuss. We provide relevant resources to aid this.

What is the cost after the pilot programme?

Nothing. The course is totally free for schools; budgets are stretched enough.

Curious as to how we’re funding the project? We are currently self-funding and also won a small government grant. We intend to monetise over the long-term either through corporate sponsorships or securing a government contract.

Our sixth form doesn’t have PSHE lessons, how we deliver it to them?

Regarding delivery in sixth forms, there are two ways that our current schools are delivering the course:

Tutor sessions: A number of sixth forms and colleges that we are working with are delivering the course during tutor groups. Since each module is subdivided into three 10-minute chunks, they can easily be delivered via projector during a 15-minute tutor session, for example.

Independent study: Schools and colleges that do not have any available classroom time are offering the course to their students for independent study. Students can log into the course individually and work through the material in their own time.

Who needs to enrol in the course?

No matter the delivery method chosen by the school, we will enrol both students and relevant teachers. This is to enable students to revisit the material as many times as they like and to ensure that teachers can see what students are learning.

Do you have any information I can share with decision makers or other teachers?

Yes, we would recommend pointing them to this slide deck in the first instance.