Free financial education for every teenager.

Just 40% of UK schools teach personal finance, despite it being on the national curriculum. We cover PSHCE finance so that busy teachers can devote their energies to core subjects.


24% of young Brits are in chronic debt


We teach teenagers what they need to know about money through digestible, video-based content and regular quizzes.

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Reaching 200,000 teenagers by 2021

Our course consists of three 30-minute modules that can be seamlessly and flexibly integrated into the classroom with no extra effort from teachers.


Meet the team

Personal finance teenagers

Prema Doraisamy

Design & Co-founder

I drew on my background in design to give our course a smooth UX.

BA Sociology,
University of Warwick

Personal finance teenagers

Bethany Staff

CEO & Co-founder

I'm a senior Civil Service accountant, which came in handy when developing our course content.

BA Economics and Spanish,
University of Leeds


Joshua Creedy

Partnerships Director

I’m a tax consultant at Deloitte and I head partnerships at Nebula.

MA Financial Analysis & BA Accounting,
University of Newcastle


Lisa Whitworth

Education Director

I’m an experienced teacher with a history of leading special projects.

BSc Environmental Science & PGCE,
University of Greenwich


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