Mental wellbeing is now a compulsory PSHE topic

We have worked with experts to create an online course for Years 10-13 so that teachers can meet these requirements with no extra hassle.

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We have worked with certified counsellors and practitioners to design a curriculum that helps young people to understand, monitor and optimise their mental wellbeing.

The teenage brain

1. What is Mental Wellbeing?
2. The Teenage Brain
3. The Science of Wellbeing Concerns

 Wellbeing challenges

1. Exam Stress and Mental Wellbeing
2. Social Media and Mental Wellbeing
3. Money and Mental Wellbeing

Strategies for mental wellness

1. Self Awareness and Supporting Others
2. The Mind-Body Connection
3. A Toolkit for Mental Wellness

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2. Engaging classroom activities
3. Guided discussion topics
4. Learning objectives and success criteria
5. Printable worksheets

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