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We’ve partnered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) to provide UK schools with a free, plug-and-play finance course for KS4 and above.

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Financial education is about more than budgeting and saving. We have carefully
selected  content that empowers students to make effective financial decisions.

Background economics

1. A Quick Guide to Economics
2. Measuring Economic Growth
3. The Role of Government
4. Understanding Inflation
5. Interest Rates & Market Cycles


1. Personal Finance Principles
2. Managing Your Money
3. Gambling & Fraud
4. Bad Debt and Credits Ratings
5. What is Good Debt?

Understanding investment

1. Why People Invest
2. Understanding the Stock Market
3. Investing in Stocks
4. Investing in Property
5. Risk & Realistic Investment

"In the past teachers have not felt equipped to deliver lessons on personal finance. However, this course allowed all of our tutors to be confident."
- Graham West, Wheatley Park School

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3. Guided discussion topics
4. Learning objectives and success criteria
5. Printable worksheets

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